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Yahweh Yireh

I was looking through the different Hebrew names of God and was amazed at how encompassing His names are.  When we translate them into English, they are feeble and really do not do justice to how comprehensive He really is.  For example, His name Yahweh is translated "Lord", but it's an intimate name that connotates a close relationship.  In fact, the name was only said aloud by priests worshipping the Lord in the inner chamber of the temple at Jerusalem!  After the temple was destroyed and the curtain was torn down, God revealed His name of Adonay which means "Lord, Master," which makes us His servants.

One of His names that really struck me was Yahweh Yireh, which is translated the "Lord Provider".  Simple in and of itself, but the word "reh" actually means to see.  The word Yireh is then more accurately translated to see beforehand!  So it actually has the richer and deeper truth of His omniscience!  He is the Lord who sees our need beforehand and thus provides for us in every situation.  What a comfort to know that the Lord can and will provide for you because He has seen and knows your need far before you even knew you had one!  We are truly loved with an everlasting love - demonstrated on the cross, partaken of today.

Spangler, Ann. Praying the Names of God. 2004.


Beautiful! :-)

Posted by: Erik | 11/06/2007


Posted by: silvia | 03/16/2008

1. Pray that God will provide me whto a good paying job at African Bible College.
2. Pray that God will provide me whto college fees for my children to study in UK.
3. Pray that God will provide me with a God fearing husband from UK.
4. Pray that God will provide resources for me to build a family house.
5. Pray that Khumbo Nyemba will be a God fearing girl.

Posted by: Lackelo | 07/30/2008

Thanks for sharing. God indeed is amazing. Halleluya!!

Posted by: Suhas | 05/21/2009

I believe and Pray that God will provide everything we need,and provide us a house.

Posted by: nerisa | 06/02/2009

I believe and pray that good will bless me, my family, and the world. i pray that god will bless the economy. i pray that god will increase my territory, and bless me with spiritual growth in my mental and physical being. i pray that god will bless me with the funds to further my education. i pray for god to rain down miracles upon me. Yahweh Yireh

Posted by: Robert Karl Smith II | 08/23/2009

If you'd like to hear a song on this subject, I wrote the song "Yahweh Yireh" which was published by Jews For Jesus. To hear the song and download it for free, go to:


Scroll down past the Bible studies and testimonies (though you may want to check them out too - very encouraging) - down to the Albums - the third one down DAVID'S HOPE and the 9th song. Enjoy.

Posted by: Michael Ledner | 10/26/2009

My entire family have chosen names from the Hebrew. I'm the only one who saved from being named like that. It's not that I don't like them but only some of them.

Posted by: Viagra Online Without prescription | 07/30/2010

This morning I was reading the story about Abraham in Gen 22, ready to sacrifice his son, his one and only beloved son on Mt Moriah, when God Himself stayed his hand and provded a sacrifice. Almost 2000 years later, God's Son, one and only beloved Son, Jesus was crucified on that same place. Abraham named it Yahwah Yireh - the Lord is seen beforehand!

Posted by: Rob | 11/07/2010

i too jus finished reading the story of abraham on route to sacrifice his only son. wow what a powerful story Yahweh Yireh indeed! I pray God does his will!

Posted by: alex | 01/16/2011

truly GOD foresees and provides for our needs,i have seen his undeniable provision in my life his indeed yahweh yireh.moses muwaika lusaka zambia

Posted by: moses muwaika | 05/12/2011

God is one. Its we who are more concerned and given different names.

Posted by: Web Designer Saudi Arabia | 07/12/2011

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